Obnoxious, surrealistic humor

Can I help it if I like the Firesign Theatre, Monty Python, and the Marx Brothers? No, I can't, and you can't change this fact either, so as far as I'm concerned you have only one of two choices; laugh at this stuff or kill yourself. Don't be sending me irate, indignant email telling me how insulted you are by it. (Do you actually think that someone who would put together a Web Site like this would care about the opinions of folks who are insulted by this stuff? Think about it). Besides, I can't differentiate between irate mail from the typical, god-fearing republiclown and mail from a whip-snapping, severe dominatrix. They both want to hurt me in the same places. So, you're just wasting your time (especially if you fall into both catagories. I'm not into religious bondage, and have no desire to be tightly wrapped in a leather Shroud of Turin).

Surrealistic Want/For-Sale Advertisements

What if Jim Croce had been a Nazi in 1940's Germany?

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What if classical composers were alive and in rock bands?