This section contains various hardware projects, submitted by other people for inclusion upon this web site, and freely made available. These materials are provided as-is with no expressed or implied warranty. The designs have been successfully built and tested by the designers. Some designs may require more or less expertise in electronics work, but at a minimum, most require some skill in soldering and wiring components. Although the designers may accept questions and inqueries about their work, one should not take this as an offer of free technical assistance (ie, don't expect the designer to provide you with modified, custom designs).

A simple MIDI Keyboard Controller

A design for a simple keyboard controller that can generate MIDI messages. Includes schematics and other materials. Submitted by Jordan D. Petkov.

MIDI Adapter for computer joystick port

A schematic for building a MIDI Adapter that attaches to a standard joystick (game) port (ie, a DB-15 connector), and provides a MIDI IN and OUT. Of course, this gameport must be on a card that supports MIDI input/output, such as the gameport upon a soundcard.

PC keyboard to MIDI note controller adapter

A schematic for building a MIDI Adapter that allows a PC (computer) keyboard to be directly attached to a MIDI sound module to "play" that module (ie, like a controller keyboard).