Branderburg Concerto 4

Bach. First movement excerpt only. Baroque style with lots of counterpoint.

Mars (from "The Planets")

Holst's early 20th century orchestral piece. Classical music is just starting to delve into such things as dissonance and odd meters, so it's tempered, but there.


Theme from Star Trek Voyager TV show. A modern fanfare.

Next Generation

Theme from Star Trek Next Generation TV show. A modern fanfare.

Deep Space 9

Theme from Star Trek Deep Space 9 TV show. A modern, slow fanfare.


This has an "arabian march" flavor to it.


This could be your typical "movie background" music with its psuedo-Romantic-classical embellishments mixed with more modern pop melodic and harmonic stylings.

Last StarFighter

More typical "movie background" music, but more of a fanfare for an "action sequence".