Bass, drums, banjo, guitar, violin, and piano. Typical banjo picking and guitar strumming. The piano and "fiddle" take solos inbetween banjo picking.

Liberty March

John Phillip Sousa, the king of marching band music. This is the march that provides the opening theme for Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Black Velvet Band

An irish song played in 3/4 time, but it may as well be a Polish Oberek. A waltz played in this style is one of the most common elements in the folk music of many European countries. The accordian typically dominates the arrangement.


This orchestral arrangement has a distinctively Middle Eastern flavor. Note the modal melody line.


Demonstrates using the Applause patch to simulate a live audience. Note that the whistle patch (with Pitch Wheel) is also used to add audience whistles. Volume controller allows the audience to "clap along with the beat" at one point.

Roman Guitar

A Cha Cha (latin) 1940's standard.


A Polka (minus the drum part).