Bass, drums, piano, vibes, and trumpet. Typical "traditional jazz". Standard piano comp'ing and drum part. The vibes, piano, and trumpet take solos.


Bass, drums, piano, and brass ensemble. Bebop (ie, cut-time jazz). Typical piano comp'ing, and drum part (ie, note use of brushes). The piano solos, and then the brass plays some unison lines. The Applause patch is used to simulate a live audience.


Bass, drums, marimba, piano, strings, and lots of brass. This has a samba feel with lots of brass "hits" for accents. The piano solos, and the brass plays a few quick lines in unison.


Bass, drums, piano, and guitar with some background hornlike pad. This is a jazz Bossa Nova. The piano take solos.

Good Vibe

Bass, drums, piano, vibes. More of a 1960's "cool jazz" feel. The vibes solos while piano comps.


Chick Corea. Bass, drums, electronic keys. 1970/80's "electric jazz" (ie, more experimental chord progressions and modal "excursions" than "traditional jazz" uses). A synth solos in Chick's typical "Moog-inspired" style.


Chick Corea. Bass, drums, rhodes, brass ensemble (ie, saxes, trumpets). Modern jazz with a latin feel.


Done in the style of Django Reinhart, a jazz guitarist. An acoustic guitar comps in a jazz style while another guitar solos.

All Blues

Bass, drums, piano, saxes, solo trumpet. A very laid-back blues-jazz improvisation. Nicely showcases using the muted trumpet patch for a solo. Nice sax solo, too.